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Monday, 20 September 2010



In a previous post I explained about how I dealt with a telephone cold caller. Now as you may know, I’m registered with The Telephone Preference  Service which is supposed to prevent these cold calls.

In this case I’m following Bill’s advice and leaving them to their own devices, whilst I try to quietly type this post. I’ve used the excuse of going to the toilet. Mmmm. I wonder how long he’ll wait before he realises he’s been had.

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  1. Cold callers give up faster if they can hear you working. So if you're expecting an important call and you want them off the line, type, drink tea noisily. Hum. Hold conversations with others, loudly referring to "Oh, just another idiot cold caller."

    But that's not the object of the exercise, is it? (Evil snigger)


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