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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Smokey Drinkies under threat

Leg-Iron beware.


TIME has been called on a phoney pub landlord after planning chiefs demanded his shed-cum-pub is demolished.

However he did go a bit over the top.

Dean Goodearl built a timber, Swiss-style chalet in his back garden in Pimpernel Way, Chatham, and turned it into a bar, complete with drinks optics and beer pumps.

He has now been ordered to remove the chalet, and a fence which separates it from the rest of his garden.

Mr Goodearl, 23, kitted out his 8x6m makeshift pub with a dartboard, plasma TV screen, pool table, glitter disco ball and a one-armed bandit.

It has ornately framed Georgian-style windows and double doors opening onto a wooden veranda, which was complete with a bin especially designed for cigarette butts.

Mind you it is my favourite council’s decision. Medway.


  1. Where's the pirate flag of the Resistance? He should be flying it.

    Leg Iron has similar Smoky-drinky plans l think. :)

  2. The mistake Dean Goodearl made was to build a fence seperating his shed (beacause that is what it is) from his home. If visitors had to come through his home, then I suspect he would have had a stronger position to appeal the decision.

  3. SadButMadLad.

    I agree. he should have thought it through a bit better.

  4. WoW now thats what I call a smoky-drinky :)

  5. As it's party conference season, shouldn't we have a blogger's 'beer and fags' jolly down to Medway in protest.

    Gillingham's a bit of dump but Rochester's ok for a decent pub.

  6. Not exactly subtle was he ??

  7. My favourite council next to Sandwell.

  8. For the last few weeks a group of like-minded souls, such as I, have been adjourning to an enclosed barn belonging to a similarly-minded and very friendly farmer. That we all find it convenient to bring along some liquid refreshment whilst we examine the architectural marvels of the inside of the barn is coincidental.
    A couple of the barn enthusiasts have, for the time being, stored refrigerators which are temporarily surplus to their present requirements, within the barn. In order to prevent mould and mildew, the refrigerators are run from time to time, mostly at week-ends.
    As a Health & Safety measure the concerned barn enthusiasts keep constant watch over the refrigerators whilst they are running. In order to make this onerous duty slightly less wearing two self-contained gas-fired heaters are lit; these also require constant watching. To relieve the tedium of the evening's duties some music, agreeable to all present, is played at a volume low enough not to impede the hearing of any warning shout.
    In order to provide a simulacrum of the dangers faced by the barn enthusiasts during their duty-watch, a surprising number volunteer to provide a suitably smoky atmosphere within the confines of the barn. This is in order to accustom the doughty watchers to the conditions which they may have to brave.
    It is a testament to the enduring architectural beauty of the barn, and to the 'rally-round' spirit to be found in our village, that so many interested persons gather together to share the necessary duties consequent upon their admiration of this rural construction.
    And we are all sticking to this story!


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