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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Women in work

I have to admire one in particular. This one started work at 0730 this morning. She's just phoned me at 2145 to say that she will be working till at least 2245. Who is this saint you ask?

My wife.

She has the old fashioned work ethos that the job must be done whatever it takes.

She brought up our three kids and when they were old enough and whilst they were school, she went part time, back to work.

Later she went full time and having proved that she had the work ethic was head hunted into a technical offshoot of the parent company.

Many, has been the time, that at short notice she has had to travel abroad for extended periods. India, Hong Kong, Luxemburg, Dublin, to name a few.

How many of the new age would do the same?


  1. I just rang up the Government's dept for numbers and they told me it was 12.


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