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Thursday, 6 May 2010

These E mails.

I have been bombarded in the last few days by E mails from the Conservative party.

So far I've had William Hague, George Osbourne, David Cameron, and now, Boris. All exhorting me to vote for the Conservative party.

Has anyone else had these?

Dear Filthy Engineer,

This is it. As I write these words Gordon Brown should be teetering on the edge of the political oblivion he so richly deserves.

One shove, one nudge, one tiny prod in the right place - and we will at last be rid of this bankrupt embarrassment of a Labour government. Just one last push and this great country will be spared another five years of Gordon Brown.

We will avoid the drift and dither of a hung parliament. We will give a Conservative government the chance to offer dynamic and energetic government and by tomorrow morning we will begin the work of undoing the damage done by Labour.

Who is there left to administer this final judicious kick to the Labour Party's ample posterior?

It could be you, FE.

If you have yet to vote - and you have five minutes to spare - I urge you and all your family and friends to get down to the polling station and play your part in history.

In an election this tight, your vote could be decisive. The boot's on your foot. For the good of our country - I urge you to use it.

Boris Johnson's signature

Boris Johnson

Too late Boris. I've already used my X.

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  1. I've seen the one from Cameron. Not sure about the picture they've used though ;o)


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