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Monday, 10 May 2010


8.07pm: My colleague Hélène Mulholland is on patrol in Westminster and she's just bumped into a senior Lib Dem who explained the situation like this.

The dilemma for the Liberal Democrats is that it would be easier arithmetically to do a deal with the Conservatives, but it would be easier politically to deal with Labour ... I think the mood of the party is in favour of a deal with Labour.


Says it all really. The sandal wearing, wind farm fanatics, never really wanted a pact with the conservatives. It was a sympathy ploy all along.

Maybe I will be proved wrong but I doubt. If I am I will do an Iain Dale and sprint  stagger drunkenly naked through the town.

*I suggest you avert your eyes as I'm not a pretty sight.*


  1. On the positive side it might just destroy both parties for a generation.


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