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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I have written.

Just sent this to my MP.

Dear John Stanley,
I have never written to you before on the negative effects of the spiteful smoking ban that you supported and just blindly accepted every word from the pharmaceutically and Government backed groups like ASH and their ilk, who's one aim is to either socially engineer the population or reap huge rewards from the drug company's as the sales of nicotine replacement therapy rocket as a result of smoking bans and propaganda.

This time however I am writing to let you know that many people feel that a great injustice has been done to one pub landlord due to the ban. He has just been unfairly imprisoned for 6 months where he will pass his time with murderers, rapists and real criminals.
I am writing with reference to the jailing of Nick Hogan whose comment '‘Ninety per cent of people who come into my pub want to smoke, even the non-smokers think there should be a choice. These laws are ridiculous.’ says it all.

This is a farce. This man was fighting to uphold the dignity of a minority group, as stated in the United Nations Human Right Act.

This NuLabour smoking ban is doing the job that it was designed to do i.e. dividing the population smoker v anti-smoker. A divided population is an easier one to manage. !!

The influential political bloggers are flooding the internet with this travesty of justice and are not only demanding the release of this man, but are calling for this disgraceful U.K. smoking ban that is the harshest in Europe to be amended. At least 95% of people commenting think the jailing of this man is the beginning of mass rebellion. It is only as totalitarian as the Irish ban whereas the rest of Europe have decided to treat 25% of their population who are smokers as human rather than the scum of the earth. Nowhere is Europe is the ban designed to make people stand out in the street in freezing conditions to enjoy a legal product. This affects the elderly more than others. Whereas smoking was 'hidden' behind pub doors it is now widely prevalent on our streets in plain sight of every young person and therefore the uptake of younger people taking up smoking will rise as has been the case in every country that enacted a ban before the U.K.

Top bloggers views: ... smoke-ban/ ... pdate.html ... +Choose%29 ... dlecote%29 ... onths.html ... oking-ban/ ... riginally/ ... ntalk.html

Mr Cameron would be gleaning more votes if he decided to actually listen to people. This ban is not just adversely affective 12 million smokers in this country, but millions of sympathetic non-smokers who do not believe the myth of so called 'second hand smoke' and are aware that this is social engineering on a large scale. They all worry what group is next to be made into tomorrows pariah.

Yours Sincerely

The Filthy Engineer

Lifelong Conservative but like many others about to vote UKIP. (Said that to make him panic).

Why not do the same. It's easy. Just go to They Work for you.


  1. I added my blog just for good measure.

  2. Auch FE I'm so disappointed a Scottish smoker and supporter wasn't included.

    Two posts and no mention. :( Plus of course the eloquent underdogs bite upwards who campaigns relentlessly on the subject - long before Mr Hogan's problems came to light.

  3. Next letter I shall include you both at the top of the list. In BLOCK CAPITALS.


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