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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Aaaaargh. (Again)



I really don't think that big companies have staff that can actually read the printed word.

Last week I had recourse to write a scathing letter to a local water company. (Southeast water. I hope you are reading this). This was over a final demand for non payment of my Uncle's water Bill. I had to point out to them in no uncertain terms that my Uncle had died before Christmas, and that I had informed them at the time that they were to contact the Probate Solicitor.

I really can't see what is so hard about that. I didn't use any long words or anything in the letter. maybe they just thought the word Solicitor was Me touting a Brothel or other house of repute, ( House of Commons springs Immediately to mind).

Today I went over there to meet the Estate Agent and there was a final demand from his power company. (Eon. I hope you are reading this)

Well the only consolation is that it gives me the chance to vent my spleen. I must admit I love the groveling apologies. So I shouldn't complain.

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