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Friday, 26 March 2010

7000 words



Further to my post Yesterday concerning computer illiteracy.

It would seem that our beloved Police Farce Service cannot use their computers properly either.

A police force has issued officers with 22 pages of guidance on how to write e-mails and use the internet.

I'm not surprised as most of them are shaven headed louts in fancy blue/black urban warfare suits.

In two documents, totaling 7,000 words, staff at Nottinghamshire police are warned of the "risks" associated with the world wide web and the importance of addressing e-mails correctly.

At least some other farces can manage with less.

Other forces have managed to get the message across in a more concise fashion. Cumbria Police wrote just 600 words of guidance for police about what they do online.

To have to write 7000 words either implies that the Plods  have no commonsense OR that the author of the Guidance is not gainfully employed. If the latter, can we please have him sacked. A bit more money back into our broken economy would be nice.

H/T to The Telegraph.

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  1. 7000 words? Hell, I once wrote an email user manual in under 2000. Guidance on 'inappropriate content', advanced user options, spam filtering, housekeeping, the lot.

    Someone needs lessons in technical documentation. Bloody amateurs.

    Word verification: 'plobless' I kid you not.


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