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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Aaaargh. Euthanasia for the computer illiterates.

Will relations and friends of mine please get into the computer era? If as a pensioner, I can find my way round a computer, why can't you?

I seem to spend half my life these days on the phone trying to sort out computer problems of people at least a decade or two younger than me.

The usual excuse is "No-one taught me". Well to these Luddites, my reply is. "No-one taught me either".

I've just spent two hours on the phone trying to sort out why this Fuckwit relation couldn't access her Hotmail. In the end, after accessing it for her, I finally convinced her to open a new one. Mind you that was a saga in itself. (Mind you I must admit I found her dating habits on the old site a tad interesting).

Why can't people try and learn about new technology, rather than expect others to sort it out for them.

Then of course the explanation is:

She's a Teacher and votes Labour. Nuff said


  1. I'd have been tempted to walk her through the process of signing up to some rough porn sites and giving her credit card number to some random non-English speaker :-) You're a better man than I.

  2. I have been annointed the FLIT or Front Line IT for my office,as well as my 'proper' job which does not involve IT other than using it.

    This was mainly due to the fact that I was not at the meeting where it was decided and people noticed I could actually turn my PC on and log in 3 days in a row without calling for help unlike the rest of the mouth breathers in the office.

    Like yourself I am constantly amazed at the lack of knowledge of people (often younger than my 44 years) for whom the use of a computer and specifically email is an essential business tool.

    best so far

    "Someone asked me to forward an email, if I do that, do I still keep my copy?" - aged 27

    And yes the cry often is "Well they didn't give us any training"

    Well neither did buggering I have any training, but realised I'd have to learn it to do my job effectively, so I actually put myself out and learnt it.

    Why can't you, you lazy, want it handed on plate, moon on a stick bastards.

  3. Oh I don't know. I feel as though I have one up on those stroppy youngsters :)

    Nanny can fix and build computers!!!

  4. Otherwise known as the dreaded 'Family Lifetime Support Warranty'

    Hello, hello, remember that noise and funny display I was getting on the computer 3 years ago last Michaelmas? Well it's doing it again...


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