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Friday, 22 January 2010

Killer Toasters? What next.




Following on from my last post,it's not only the law that's out to get you. In the Mail (Sorry), theres an article explaining how your Kitchen is out to kill you. Be very afraid.

Several hundred people a year worldwide are killed by their toasters, compared to eight or nine by sharks.

Toasters are potentially deadly because they contain exposed live electric elements and the way they work invites one of the commonest causes of serious home accidents - electric shocks caused when using a metal knife to prize out a slice of stuck toast.


And it gets worse. Apparently my sink cupboard contents are going to kill the world. Bye the way, has anyone looked in Saddams sink cupboard for those pesky WMDs.


Under the typical kitchen sink can be found enough potentially hazardous chemicals to start a minor WMD programme.

Detergents, sanitisers, polishes, caustic sodas and other alkalis, drain unblocking acids and degreasers - all present potentially fatal hazards, particularly to toddlers.

Put a childproof catch on the door, throw away old bottles of chemicals and never use the same space to store food.


Oh well, time to get the chemical suit on an dig out my S10 respirator.

Full story here.

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