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Friday, 22 January 2010

Break the law at your peril

It would seem from this article in the Mail today, that you really can be locked up for anything.

Labour has created 4,300 new crimes since taking power - including a ban on swimming in the wreck of the Titanic and on the sale of game birds shot on a Sunday.

Gordon Brown has been the worst offender in this unprecedented 'legislative splurge', with his Government creating new offences at the rate of 33 a month.

I especially liked this:

Causing a nuclear explosion - Nuclear Explosions (Prohibition and Inspections) Act.

More loony ones below:


The biggest problem I find with this wankfest of new law making, is that most of us don't know about them until some Jobsworth comes knocking on our door to inform us that the nuclear weapon we are about to explode, will incur a fixed penalty notice. I mean how  many of us know that it is illegal to "Disturb a pack of eggs when directed not to by an authorised Officer"?

How also, do we know who the authorised officer is? Does he have an ID card with Egg pack protection officer stamped across it?

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