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Sunday, 29 November 2009

More Statist spying to come. How smart.

Every British home is to be issued with a ‘smart’ meter which calculates how much gas or electricity is used each time an appliance is switched on.

Families will also know how much they are spending minute-by-minute.


  1. Did someone say Smart Meters?

  2. These smart meters can do far more than the government is letting on.

    You can be sure that they'll have the same capabilities of those that Obama's planning to have installed.

    Via these meters, electricity companies and councils will be able to control (remotely) the amount of electricity we use.

    They can log the time of day you use the most electricty.

  3. Whose to say that they won't be able to adjust the Tarriff when you're not looking.

    How many elderly are going to have their supply cut off due to a mistake in their billing?

  4. I managed to track down the spec of the smart meters - which I've posted on my blog.

    Very Orwellian.


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