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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Healthy eating.

The Super Scooby, Britain's largest burger with 2,645 calories. It is sold by the Jolly Fryer takeaway in Bristol and they are offering a free can of Diet Coke to anyone who can finish it in one go.

I don't know whether the health faschists have seen this. I'm not going to snitch.
The down side, is that I might end up with every Nut job arriving here.
Kerry McCarthy take note.

H/T to the Telegraph

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  1. The best way to reinforce my diet that is!

    FE, can you email me if you have time please. I'm trying to put a 'subscribe to' like you have for both posts and comments on my own blog but have been searching for hours as to find one with no success.

    subrosablond at


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