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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Alcohol concern. Mine.

I read today that the conservatives are also going down the populist line of minimum pricing for alcohol.

Mr Grayling told delegates that many city centres had become "battle zones" for police due to drink-fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour.
Comes down to making the "Many" suffer for the follies of the "few".

Plans announced included:

  • Raising the price of a four-pack of super strength lager by £1.33 and more than double the tax on super strength cider
  • Increasing the price of large bottles of "alco-pops" by £1.50
  • Banning supermarkets from selling alcohol at below cost price
  • Introducing bigger fines for those caught selling to children. Repeat offenders could have their premises closed for several days.
  • Making "late night, problem premises" pay more for their alcohol licences to help cover the cost of policing.
If I was going to vote for them, then I'm not now. I've had enough of this nannying by the state.

Sir John Stanley: You've lost my vote.

Read the whole bloody article here.

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