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Monday, 9 February 2009

I'm sorry again

I'm afraid I watched the BBC news tonight.

The main news item was the terrible fires in Australia. What I couldn't stomach, is that they had to parade a weather expert in to inform us that it was Global warming that caused it. We were told like naughty schoolboys that there would be more disasters caused by global warming in the future.

What utter Bollocks. Australia has had bush fires every year since records begun, notwithstanding that some of these fires maybe have been the work of arsonists.

With all that hot air from the Beeb they should shut up and save the world.

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  1. see if you can get a hold of Rachael Treasure's 'The Cattlemans Daughter' novel - she wrote about how the greenies stopping the cattle grazing the highlands in Summer had caused the overgrowth & making it illegal for landowners to do their own controlled burns (red tape gov shite)that this was a disaster waiting to happen!! & it DID happen - while the book was being published!
    JH from South Aus


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