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Thursday, 30 March 2017

We did it our way.

Why can't we do it again? We are being inundated with calls from remoaners that we will be doomed if we leave the EU. Why? For centuries our little island nation has punched above it's weight, through sheer dogged determination.  From my view, since we joined the EU we have been bogged down by pettifogging EU regulations that have prevented the innovation we were renowned  for.
I admit that it could take a considerable time until the new generation in the UK learns that greatness can be theirs. Unfortunately my generation I suspect, will not live to see the greatness I saw in my early life.
Just go and do it.


  1. Dead right. Our politicians in the 60's and 70's were too taken up with what they called "managed decline". They either could not or would not see what a great people we are. All the EU has done is to hold us back, and now, soon to be free of its deadening shackles we can truly prosper once again.

  2. Strangely I remember a time when we weren't in the EU - and we did just fine then so what's the problem?

  3. Not so very long ago, we ran the Greatest Empire the world has ever known, bringing Pax Britannica to millions, ending the slave trade and leading the Industrial Revolution. No other European country has ever come close to our achievements.
    We can and will assume an independent, leading role once again, once we have rid ourselves of the shackles of "progressivism" and "political correctness"

  4. Thanks for your views. They appear to be the same as mine.

  5. you are not now what you once was.
    No free speech, enforced diversity, affirmative action, mass abortion, welfare ad lib.
    A fat self satisfied mob


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