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Thursday, 2 June 2016

They're all going to die if we leave the EU

That is Wildlife according to WWF and the RSPB.

(I didn't want to upset my reader with a pic of a dead animal. So I give you a pic of animal that is just about to deadify one)
Leaving the EU would put much of what has been achieved at risk. The evidence shows that nature has been well served by our membership of the European Union. So we have concluded that, on balance, the safer option for our wildlife and environment is for the UK to remain within the EU.
The article can be found in the Telegraph

Of course Camoron has jumped in with support on Twitter.

Do read the replies. He doesn't seem to merit any support. maybe he should just shut up pronouncing on every item in the MSM.


  1. A few days ago Guido reported on EU funding including 19 million euros to the RSPB. But as a footnote to his post he added:

    "UPDATE: RSPB get in touch to stress they do not have a position on the referendum because neither side is campaigning on the environment."

    So much for honesty from the RSPB then:

    1. Try this one, it's a goody:

  2. Jeeze - they really are getting desperate!

    I just hope that the claims get more and more ridiculous so they can be seem for what they are. Frankly, this load of old bollocks is a new low even for the Remainers...


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