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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Threats if we don't stay in the EU

A few days old but doesn't seem to have been mentioned by the "impartial" BBC.

Britain will be treated like a 'deserter' by the EU if it votes to leave, the president of the European Commission has said.Jean-Claude Juncker warned that Germany, France and other states would not 'bend over backwards' to help if the UK abandoned the union.It is the latest bloodcurdling threat about the consequences of cutting ties with Brussels.The French finance minister previously sparked fury by insisting the UK would be 'killed' by its former partners in negotiations over a post-Brexit trade deal.
I for one do not want to be threatened by an unelected president of the EU.

Not that it matters to me. I'm voting leave anyway.


  1. Me too. Out. I didn't have the chance to deal with the krauts via a merlin engine and eight .303 Brownings but I can at least mark an X in the right box.

  2. FUCK 'EM ! I WILL NOT be threatened - especially by an unelected bureaucrat. Have they not learnt yet that Brits really don't like being bullied and pushed around?

    I'm out....

  3. I am voting leave. My resolve was just hardened by Obama, Lagarde, Carney, Junker, Schauble and all the other toe rags threatening us directly with consequences or predicting the apocalypse.

  4. The EU army haf vays of making you comply.


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