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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sin Taxes

As you'll see and hear in the video below, sin taxes are only imposed to bring in revenue to the chancellor.

Certainly in my lifetime I've seen taxes on popular pastimes treble and take a sizeable chunk of dosh out of my wallet.

The problem is that no-one questions these taxes any more. They just shrug their shoulders with the words "The experts know best".

But do they? Take one example. We were exhorted for decades to eat margerine as butter was bad for us. Now we are being encouraged quietly to eat butter again.

Who the fuck are these so called experts and why are they not being publicly hanged?

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  1. Sin and "green" taxes are a huge burden on us all. When the price of fuel first went over £1 per litre, there were big protests. At the time crude cost 2 - 3 times what it does now. Despite the drop in the cost of crude, fuel is around £1.08 per litre (when it should be below 80p by now) Where are the protests? The sheeple just shrug and say, "What can we do?"
    Nothing will improve without protest - these drones are just what Cameron needs to continue to shit on all of our heads.


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