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Friday, 4 March 2016

Never a truer word…….



  1. MAC gets it right a lot of the time doesn't he?

  2. Not that accurate.
    It is The Glorious Republic of Korea. The word North is not used.
    And the telephone is portrayed as a pulse-dial rotary telephone. All very well as a comic contrivance to reflect the supposed technologically primitive nature of the Glorious Republic of Korea, but quite inaccurate for the purposes of the gag. Presumably, The Right Honourable David Cameron MP would be calling The Supreme Leader, Kim "Chubby" Jong-Un from England. The telephone system in England is entirely a DTMF signalling system, "Touch Tone" and no longer supports compatibility with a Rotary Dialling, or "Pulse" telephone, signalling system. It is also unlikely the "Fat One" is a telecommunications enthusiasts who has adapted his pulse-dialing telephone using a pulse-to-tone converter.

    AND, The Supreme Leader holds his cigarettes in his right hand, not his left.

    As well as being racist against Blacks, Jews and now Asians, these 80 year old Ned Political Cartoonists are rather ignorant of technological limitations too.

  3. And the Telephone equipment depicted is the British (BPO) Type 232 phone of 1932.
    Very Unlikely.


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