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Saturday, 9 January 2016

There was a man.

And lo, a voice said unto him:

"Give up smoking, drinking, sweet things, salt, and all manner of evil things. If you do so, you will be rewarded by an extra nine years of life".

So the man did.

And lived another nine, miserable, unhappy, joyless years.

Then he died.


  1. Shame he wasted those extra nine years being miserable.

    Re: that winter rains letter mularky to your M.P (14 dec) and his path to redemption, any news?

    “...there is a general understanding that climate change is likely to be linked to increased winter rain in the UK.”... says Sara Priestly ex Friends of the Earth.

    Its a fucking disgrace that she comes out with this shite to the Government.

    Don't let this one drop....keep up the good work Filthy


  2. Verily I say unto thee, thee has had a score less four days to prepareth a new post and lo this is what you create?

    Had the man not partaken in tobacco, ethyl alcohol, refined 'white death' sugar and all manner of evil things in the first place, would your premise still hold?

  3. What is the matter with these whiny white chicks? Don't they appreciate being culturally enriched?

  4. Are we going to have to live another nine, miserable, unhappy, joyless years before you can be arsed to upload another post?


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