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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Wetting themselves.

The BBC is in full cry over the COP21 talks in Paris that are about to begin.
From their front page on their web site:

COP21: Rallies call for Paris climate change action

Six graphics that explain climate change

COP21: Beginner's guide to the UN Paris climate summit

COP21: Why do two degrees matter?

COP21: Eco activists Brandalism launch Paris ad takeover

Is there an economic case for tackling climate change?

Will carbon capture ever happen in the UK?

COP21: Paris climate deal 'more likely' after terror attacks

I dread to see what else they come up with tomorrow.

One thing they seem to be perplexed about is why less and less people consider climate change a threat. I don’t think that they understand that more and more people have come to realise that there is better info on the WWW. After all their predictions for the general election were totally wrong. People are starting to wake up to the fact that investigative seems to have left the MSM behind.

If I was the BBC I would be quietly reading the sceptical web sites and then pursuing the claims made on them. They might get a surprise with what they would learn.


  1. Lord t'underin' jaysus, mate! Yins is boring the teats off me!

    Yawny yawny cunt cunt

    It just doesn't matter if there is or isn't heating, people will not change their behavior in any appreciable way either way.
    Sure, everyone is willing to make extraordinary sacrifices to abate climatic amending as long as they don't have to make any extraordinary sacrifices.

    1. "It Just Doesn't Matter!"

      Correct 'Global warming' doesn't matter. What matters is the AGW lie is used as a pretext to increase taxes 'for the good of the environment' the proceeds of which get channelled into the pockets of third world 'Snake oil salesmen' like Pachauri - to name but one.

    2. I have relatives and close friends who are 'Third World Snake Oil Salespersons'. This AGW thingy is good for business.
      Why does no one ask why there is an alleged transfer of wealth from hard-working First World Taxpayers to Third World Snake Oil Salespersons?

    3. "I have relatives and close friends who are 'Third World Snake Oil Salespersons'."

      Good for you.

      "Why does no one ask why ..."

      Let me think about that for a second. Because bad feelz ?

  2. COP21 wants our money, they need to hire policemen to arrest volcanoes for breach of the peace.

    1. and cows.......Bovines are 'heating' our atmosphere with methane. Eat a cow, save the environment.

  3. COP21? Ah yes, yet another expensive exercise in pointless political aggrandisement. CO2 is not the answer, but the politico's fixation with it is preventing understanding the real processes behind why the Earth's climate shifts and changes. Heavy sigh.

  4. Nothing about the recent death of Maurice Strong. There will be plenty of warming where he is headed.

    1. He's going to Nicaragua and/or Honduras?
      It's warm there and that is where most 'might-as-well-be-dead' white-boy Canadians go for their 'little boy' or 'little girl' needs.

  5. "Carbon Capture and Storage" aka asking the Magic Sky Pixie to make all the nasty people go away and leave "the Righteous" to inherit the Earth. I understand that there is no current technology that can deliver this unless we donate masses of moolah to our "leaders" to make sacrifice to the Sky Fairy.
    I would be interested to hear how they propose to control the Sun? Earth is some 4.5 billion years old and has survived solar flares, meteorites, Ice Ages and the like but this travelling circus claims barely 200 years of industrialisation has the capacity to change the climate . Pseudoscientific nonsense on stilts!

    1. It's the 'meek' who inherit the Earth. Jaysus! Get your christo-cunt idioms right, will ya?


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