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Saturday, 7 November 2015

The dark side of that John Lewis video

Just for fun.


  1. Who but some spotty peri-pubescent Angloshperic male toady would find that even remotely amusing?

    I'm glad you're a smoker.
    I support smoking! And obesity! And drunkenness! These fat, drunk hackers, honourable folks indeed, live very short lives and their deaths are quite inexpensive, relatively speaking. From lung cancer diagnosis to death is as little as 6 months! They also die well before they start accessing Private, Corporate or Government Pension Systems. This fact generates huge savings for corporations and Governments/Taxpayers!
    Those healthy fuckers? Well they live well into their retirement years sucking up huge amounts of Private, Corporate or Government Pension dollars. And then when the fuckers finally do croak it is as a result of very expensive diseases like non-fatal stroke and dementia! Are you aware of how much it costs to warehouse a 70-80 year old fucker with dementia? And it takes the cunt 10 years to die! It's a million bucks!
    True patriots would be obese, drunken smokers who cark it in their mid to late 50s after they have contributed the greatest cumulative net benefit to the welfare of the country and are now at the point of diminishing returns – time to go lest they become a burden. Those healthy arseholes are just selfish cunts who hate our freedom!

    1. Who but some humourless, mentally challenged puritan with all the social graces of a ten week dead corpse wouldn't find that parody video howlingly funny?

      Come over to the Dark Side. It's far more fun over here.

    2. Well said Bill. Having seen her blog, I quite pity her.

      Not really.

    3. Oh dear.
      Mr. Sticker? Don't recognize sarcasm I see? Nor sophisticated humour either it would seem. That video is 'Benny Hill' - perfect for adolescent-esque sophisticates My comment is 'Oscar Wilde' - erudite and educated sophisticates. See the difference? Typical of your ilk though. I assume that Inukshuk avatar is representative of the fact you are a cunt from the frozen wilds of Soviet Canuckistan - so am I. I am currently serving time in Pembroke, Ontario - ostensiblyas punishment for having committed evil deeds in a precious life.

      The Filthy Engineer? I dismiss you outright. Yins is a right dullard, and no mistake. I shall riposte with Catullus, Carmina 16:

      "Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo"

      After donning the appropriate prosthesis of course.

      Now that is an example of sophisticated humour. Now if I were to reflect the level of humour represented in that video, my retort would be, "Oh yeah? Well my dad can beat up your dad!"

      Not really.

      In my travels with The Tutor to Third World Shit-holes dispensing primary care medicine, I've seen many '10 week dead corpses'. Some do possess surprising social grace.

    4. Make that, 'previous' not 'precious'

    5. "Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo"

      "I will sodomize you and face-fuck you"

      Really? What a charming person you must be.

      And my reply to you:

      "da mi basia mille, deinde centum"

    6. Very good!
      And as far as the possibility I am a charming person, I'll quote Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus to rebut that,
      "Oderint Dum Metuant"
      I am indeed, mad, bad and dangerous to know. The Female Burmese Byron as it were. A kitten-cute gamine. A vamping courtesan. A seeker of the oblivion only provided by La Fée Verte.
      Fi Sir! You make this little misella landica blush with your rather crude translation of irrumabo. Do you actually eat with that same mouth? I tend now to follow the translation of that rather descriptive word given by a particularly inventive Yankee.
      To wit:
      Very funny I thought.

    7. Oooops, more errors. Please ignore the adjective 'little' I have pixellated in error to modify the Latin phrase 'misella landica'. The correct translation into The Queen's of that phrase would render the word 'little' redundant. Please forgive me.

    8. Sterculian Rhetoric; a classic example of why you should never post during a heavy drinking session.

    9. It's not drink.
      Can't stomach that no-longer-Canadian-owned Molson's or Labatts urine. Especially that one made with bits of the new PM's dead brother in it.
      It's Oxycodone. I prescribe it myself.

      Ἰατρέ, θεράπευσον σεαυτόν


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