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Friday, 27 November 2015

The BBC is working up to it.

That is, COP21 of the IPCC (Intergovernmental committee on Climate Change).

For the last two days in their early morning BBC news they have snuck in references to climate change.

Yesterday they had a report by David Shuckman on waste at landfill and he just had to bring in the phrase “greenhouse gases” . the fact that the article was about drones monitoring was just the back story.

Today there was a brief story about the Queen going to Malta for a meeting. The words “climate change” were just dropped in for no real reason.


What will be the story tommorrow? You tell me.


  1. Tomorrow's story will be a an exposé on how Bloggers propagate putrid propaganda concerning the past, present and future state and physical construct of the layer of gas one finds jammed betwixt the earth and 100 miles above the earth. Notice I did not mention the words. I am not contributing to the Internet word count of this heinous lie which by virtue of constant repetition becomes more and more the accepted 'truth'. Herr Goebels taught us that an oft' repeated lie eventually is believed.

    Now for the particularly thick readers - and you know who you are - with this comment I am making light of the fact that our illustrious Bog Administrator has managed to use the phrase "climate change" three times and "greenhouse gases" once in a very short post. He's bound to get oodles of Google Search hits contributing to the belief that there is (REDACTED) and maybe make Ad money or something - from all the visitors.

  2. Climate change, climate change, climate change. Now send me the gelt.

    1. It's your faulty Flaxen! It's all that burning you do...


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