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Monday, 23 November 2015

Global warming or climate change?

About ten years a subtle shift took place by the warmists and those of a left and green persuasion. For years they banged on about the world was going to be fried by unstoppable global warming. Slowly but surely they have changed the title and called it climate change. Why’s that you ask? It’s because for the last eighteen years the world has not warmed as it should. It’s stubbornly refuted their arguments.
From the executive summary from the UK Met Office:
Global mean surface temperatures rose rapidly from the 1970s, but there has been little further warming over the most recent 10 to 15 years to 2013. This has prompted speculation that human induced global warming is no longer happening, or at least will be much smaller than predicted.
They do waffle on to try an excuse this anomaly, such as the heat has suddenly been swallowed by the deep oceans. Why that should happen as any fule knows that warm water usually rises to the surface.
To get to the point. now we have every twat pontificating that although the global temperature overall hasn’t risen it’s caused a plethora of disasters around the globe instead. We had David Shukman from the BBC blaming floods in the Philippines on Global warming. Has he ever been in the Philippines during the monsoon season, for any length of time? It permanently pisses down with rain. Flash floods are to be expected.
We’ve also had the Prince of Twats, Charles blaming every disaster in the world on climate change. Even the rise of ISIL in Syria.
We all know that climate has been changing for millions of years. Sometimes the temperature rises and sometimes it goes down. What’s new?

I receive no money from any oil company or multinational. I’m just a poor engineer who looks at the facts and figures presented and realises that we are being sold a crock of shit.

(Multi million pound donations will be grudgingly accepted)


  1. Much in line with your link above to Energy Matters, Tim Marshall rained on PoW's parade yesterday (though doesn't completely dismiss it).

    Surely the numerous attempts at re-badging climate change is much more telling than any protracted claims? One day, we will ask the right question.

  2. I mislaid my car keys this morning. I expect that was because of climate change making my brain all squodgy. It is so hot that the temperature has plunged in to winter.

    Where is my subsidy?

    1. It seems that climate change has done more than make you a tad forgetful regarding your car keys. The Queen's English requires 'into' to be one word.

  3. Climate Change has nowt to do with actual climate. It is a titanic struggle between the dark forces of Conservatism and its belief in unfettered Free Markets versus the equally dark forces of the Liberalism of Social Engineering and Keynesian Economics.
    A struggle which I find funny as fuck, 'cause as far as I am concerned, y'all are Liberal in the West. I mean you twats believe in democracy, how liberal is that? I hail from a strictly Totalitarian Matriarchal political system - Yins are all Librul Cunts compared to me!

  4. "........Why that should happen as any fule knows that warm water usually rises to the surface........."

    I like it. I am all for neologisms, like, for instance, 'cuntribbit'. That is a noun describing the person who wrote that above copied and pasted sentence.
    Every schoolboy in any of even the worst schools knows that if you throw a couple of ice cubes into a glass of water they are going to float. an example of 'cold' water rising above 'warm' water AND the little ones at the better schools know that liquid water between the temperatures of 0C and 3C will rise above a body of liquid water registering exactly 4C. Granted, ya covered your scrawny Caucasoid ass by including the proviso 'usually' in that statement.

    1. Sterculian Rhetoric: " [snip] ice cubes into [snip] water [snip] float. an example of 'cold' water rising above 'warm' water. "

      Except Ice isn't water. Water being the liquid state of H2O and Ice its solid state.

      I suppose, it's a bit like claiming lava and igneous rock are the same, chemically they may be but each have different physical states, and those states different properties.

      The unusual property of solid H2O is that it is less dense than it's liquid state ( at standard atmospheric pressure ). And thus it floats.

    2. Thank you APL. Very enlightening. Perhaps another reader will take the time to explain my comment to you - your apparent reading comprehension is suspect. I can't be arsed and I am sure I will be a tad impolite.

    3. "I can't be arsed"

      Fine by me.

      "and I am sure I will be a tad impolite."

      As a dog returns to its vomit ...

  5. When involved in conversations with global warmists, I simply ask, "What ended the last ice age?" For some reason, they often change the subject.
    Over to you Melv, or Sterculean Rotundra, or whatever name you're using now. And it's "nothing" and not "nowt".

    1. When I have conversations with any Caucasoid, Global Warmist or not, I ask:

      Your question vis a vis the last ice age is stupid.

      It's "NOWT" in Yorkshire Anonycunt! I watch a lot of British Television shows, like Heartbeat and All Creatures Great and Small.
      And it's Sterculian Rhetoric. Sterculius being the Roman God of fertilizer - aka cow dung. Therefore "Sterculian Rhetoric" is tantamount to 'fertilizer words' or more directly, Bullshit.
      I am Vagina Dentata aka Pudenda Non Grata aka Aquarians Love To Fuck (ALT-F) - a 30 something Burmese female.
      The Tutor aka Bilious C. Pudenda is a Baby-Boomer Canadian Caucasoid.

      There is no "Melv". Click on my name and view my site. I have been on blogger since Nov. 2005. 10 years now.

      I was at the following locations on and off also

      No Melv anywhere

    2. Keep it polite or bugger off and bother someone else. My Gaff, my rules. OK.

    3. Please to explain how my word salads are deemed impolite? My coruscating invective is so hyperbolic, that the truly intellectually endowed would have no other recourse but to consider it laughable.

  6. Being a global cooling crusader, the opposite end of a hockey stick is a good indicator. In the face of the warblists.


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