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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hurrah it's October.

Of course public health are exhorting us to abstain from those substances we enjoy. The killjoys that they are.

Here's my reply.


  1. We have the same sort of shit in Nuzzyland with 'Dry July' and 'Stoptober'. Just announced that all so called 'unhealthy' foodstuffs are off the menu in our workplace to be replaced by 'tasty healthy options'. Isn't it nice that those nice management types can take all those difficult decisions off us unassuming gentlefolk. Have you ever tasted tofu- don't bother, tastes like shit. Anyway, have decided to boycott the canteen and go to the café down the road to get my bacon butty.

  2. Good fer yow, ah kid! Just what I'd expect from a Black Country lad.

  3. What ever happened to "Octabber" and the Queen of the loonies Pat Nurse with 40 years of Smoking etched over her face like a tattoo nightmare and her 31 bedroom warriors in hiding?

    Surely its not Fuckedtabber!

    You have to larf.


  4. I'm defo signing up!
    (Bugger! I'm beginning to sound like an Aussie...)

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