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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Fuse blown?

Handy replacement guide.


  1. Wouldn't be the first time I used a panel pin as an emergency replacement - temporary I hasten to add.

    Ah the good old days! I remember fuse wire. It worked a damn site more reliably than these bloody circuit breakers that keep tripping out for no reason...

  2. Franky, I'm shocked. Why not go to your local hardware store and purchase a suitable fuse. DIY lecy often results in death- go consult your local Health and Safety Officer.

  3. Minor correction; the 350 Amp fuse alternative is actually a 320 Ampere rating. Example rating for calibres of this type are as follows;
    .223 = 240 Ampere
    9mm rifle = 290 Ampere
    .476 = 320 Ampere
    For all other calibres, please see cartridge data sheet for details.

  4. Pop rivets were my favourite!


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