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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The weather.


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  1. Rob McKenna - the rain god - has 231 types of rain including

    Type 11: breezy droplets
    Type 17: dirty blatter (McKenna's least favourite type)
    Type 33: light pricking drizzle which made the roads slippery
    Type 39: heavy spotting
    Type 47: vertical light drizzle
    Type 51: sharply slanting light to moderate drizzle freshening
    Types 87 and 88: two finely distuingished variaties of vertical torrential downpour
    Type 100: post-downpour squalling, cold
    Type 123: mild cold gusting
    Type 124: intermediate cold gusting
    Type 126: regular cab-drumming
    Type 127: syncopated cab-drumming
    Types 192 to 213: seastorm types


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