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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Plod are EVEN stupider now.


I’m just wondering if they have thought this through.

Leicestershire Police's three-month pilot involved only sending crime scene investigators to analyse forensics at victims homes if they lived in an even-numbered house and not odd-numbers.

I think that the law of unintended could strike here. If I was a burglar I would only break into ODD numbered houses in the short term.


  1. Maybe they're pulling a double blind, and really they're only going to follow up on odd-numbered houses.

    Then again, maybe not. They aren't very bright.

  2. even numbers because they are even.
    Odd numbers smacks of discrimination and hate crime.
    Odd have feelings you know.

  3. Lucky for plod 12 million smokers comply with smoking ban 100%.


    Smoking never exsisted and never will , except in the fantasy of denial nutters such as Nisakiman.

    Come on Nisakiman you are a fully brainwashed loon in the Frank Davis cult with thousands of posts on smoking.

    Why the fuck has nothing changed since the 2007 ban?, why is nothing organised?

    No lobby, no action , no demands, no protest, no nothing but bedroom warriors in hiding hoping their families don't read the denial shite they post about.

    P.S Simon Clark and posh central London hotels, wine and cheese nibbles with a celebrity comedian full of office workers looking for a free drink after work dosen't count.



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