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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Well said Tomi


  1. Spot on. The lady has balls. (figuratively).

  2. It is apparent that everyone bar the politicians is getting fed up with this and want action in the US and here.

    Perhaps someone in a position like this in the UK should be saying the same thing to Cameron.

    I'll not hold my breath but soon there will be reaction to something that will be a gamechanger.

  3. You've got it right there, love. More power to you and those who think the way you do. It's a pity we are led by the arch-appeaser Cameron who seems blind to the atrocities of the peace-loving mohammedans.

  4. God botherers killing god botherers. Carry on.

  5. The BBC it wasn't. Woof, Woof. The FS seal of approval.


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