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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Don't bother to call plod.

If you've been burgled you'll be low down on the priorities of the Police farce.

According to Sara Thornton, head of the National Police Chiefs Council, however, you shouldn't necessarily expect them to bother turning up. “We need to move from reacting to some of those traditional crimes to thinking about focusing on threat and harm and risk and really protecting the public,” she said yesterday. “That might mean that if you’ve had a burglary, for example, and the burglar has fled, that we won’t get there as quickly as we would have in the past.”

They’re far more likely to be going after real villains.

Police want to identify three youngsters who "blacked up" as gollys for a town's summer parade

Police Scotland has confirmed it is carrying out an investigation after complaints over the Wick Gala, in Caithness, Scotland.

Donna Plowman, who chairs the Wick Gala Committee, said: "Police approached us on Monday as they were making inquiries into certain participants after receiving concerns about people dressing up as Golliwogs and the Jackson Five.

I give up.


  1. Effective policing at its finest. I thank you and have fucked off.

  2. Since when did it become a crime to dress up as a pop group? I saw men dressed as Dolly Parton on C4 news tonight! Oh, I see, it's a crime if it's a BLACK pop group (face palm).

    If I'd been Donna Plowman I couldn't have said what she did without giggling (but she avoided certain incarceration whereas I wouldn't have).


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