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Friday, 1 May 2015

Metric v imperial


  1. Dear Mr Lowe

    Conquerors destroy the culture of those whom they conquer, even if it is done with the aid of traitors. Indeed they may go more gently with their imposition, allowing the traitors to take apart the vanquisheds’ culture from within, little by little. Cherished institutions are undermined, hollowed out and tarnished in many ways over decades, until what remains is a tawdry mess of shredded constitution, culture and institutions.


  2. This sort of messing with our units would make me run a kilometre to get away from.

  3. Decimalisation also killed mental arithmetic, it's all too easy now, just move decimal points around. Ten fingers helps, too. The old ways certainly forced people to think, base twelve, base fourteen, not to mention vulgar fractions.

    The metric martyr went to gaol for selling fruit and veg in Imperial weights. At the same time a drug dealer got a suspended sentence, although he sold his cocaine in grams and his weed in ounces. They really don't brook dissent, do they?


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