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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Easyjet. The no frills airline.


They're certainly not low cost now. They appear to be upfront when you go to book online. Until you go through the process.

Apart from the return cost which is £200, they also charge you for 20kg of baggage at £41 per person, and £6 for a cheap seat.

And here is the kicker. Do not try and change passenger details after you have booked. Even if you just try and change the name details of one of your party (Made a mistake in the spelling maybe?) they will charge you £35 for both the outbound and return journeys. Another £70 pounds for no appreciable extra work by these scavengers. Where it gets worse is if you have to, as I did, substitute a new passenger into one of the seats. They charged another £144 because the seat price now is that much higher and they expect me to pay the difference (Incidentally in the small print they state that they won't refund you if the price is lower).

I think a letter to trading standards is in order.

And if you read this, easycrap, don't hesitate to use the comment form.


  1. Trading standards for crying out loud, the terms and conditions are quite clear along with low cost airlines policy of "fools go elsewhere" if you are not willing to understand and agree with how they operate.

    There can't be many as you Filthy that gets outraged at such dealings with Easyjet/Ryanair anymore...its been going on for umpteen years ...I'm actually quite shocked at this post...I hadn't put you down as being that clueless.

    Are you saying that you paid £235 fare and bag (bag is only £35!) plus £6 and then another £144 cos of passenger change?

    When and where are you going, and whose going instead in the passenger change seat cos paying that total fare has me intrigued?

    £385 on an Easyjet flight is a fare most people would never entertain, especially as its very probable they are countless different options available just by doing and expedia/skyscanner search.


  2. At least they won't pull Ryanair's proposed latest trick:

    Free entry to the bog; but loo paper at a £1/sheet.

  3. t appears you are hesitant to use the comment form.

    Take my advice, when you get to the faraway land you are travelling to Flithy , Easyjet might not be upfront about the European directive about air travel compensation and all that mularky , they may well not hold your hand and pamper you if the return flight goes tits up.

    No frills, low cost airlines are best suited to those who can think for themselves and act accordingly.


  4. Sheer greed and dishonesty - but there's so much of it about now.


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