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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Believe in Britain

A party political broadcast on behalf of UKIP. Now I don't normally do politics on this blog, but I've felt for some time that the way we are governed is a disgrace.

When I was younger we had politicians that believed in changing the country for the better. Be it left or right wing, they had a belief in what they were doing. All I see now is politicians just interested in the power that governing gives them. They seem hell bent in clinging on to that power in any way possible.

The three main parties just seem to be squabbling over the centre, hoping to attract enough votes from the electorate in order that they can maintain their seats. They don't seem to be able to think about what's outside the Westminster bubble. The ordinary people. Whether it be a white van man, someone struggling to start a business, or even the stress of running a multinational business. All they see is their own little detached world.

So vote for UKIP, just to upset the gravy train.

And for god's sake don't vote green or you'll likely get THIS


  1. I don't live in the UK anymore and consider myself an Englishman in exile. But if I did I'd vote UKIP. As for the 'Greens': let us hipe they never acheive any real power- otherwise we are fucked.

    1. The greens policy document is unbelievable. Take my word for it.

    2. I'll take your word for it, FE. I though Bennett and that Welsh bird were unbelievable both in the sarcastic and literal sense!

      And it seemed to me that Farage was the only one who really answered the questions and put numbers to his answers.

  2. Aye, FE. The LibLabCons have time & again truly fucked-up this country. UKIP can hardly do any worse. They'll get my vote both 'cos of their policies, and, to deny the others of this vote.

  3. Frog, he went a'courtin, he did go now. Crambone. However the song goes, I thought of you courting votes from the converted. Apart from "none of the above", I will vote for UKIP.


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