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Monday, 9 March 2015

More green idiocy

Can you imagine what would happen if they ran the country?

Would I be jailed for pruning my apple trees?


  1. I hear the Greenies want to extend the human rights laws to include dolphins, whales and apes - so maybe they'll include trees as well?

  2. I'll stay well clear of the wooded areas when I visit N.C. next. Talk about detached from reality, I literally have seen more sane people in lunatic asylums.

  3. Would these caring folks object if their homes were stripped of all wood products - furniture, floorboards et al. Thought so.

  4. prooundly_disturbed12 March 2015 at 06:29

    "Can you imagine what would happen if they ran the country?"

    Have I got news for you!

    They already do!

  5. Dear green scum,

    Since you have such capacity for caring, how about mourning the deaths of poor and elderly people in winter? You know, the thousands of human beings who die of hypothermia in supposedly civilised countries because they can't afford to heat their homes because fuel prices have been artificially raised beyond their means by 'green' fucking 'taxes' and state rapacity all predicated on the lie of global fucking warming?

  6. A bit late, sorry.

    Greens are hypocrites in every field, not just fossil fuels. Witness this Green councillor chopping down trees.


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