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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Microsoft. Grhhhhh.

I recently replaced my computer and have spent hours getting rid of crap that came with it.

I can’t get rid of this. It pops up several times when Mrs FE is using Internet Explorer(Spits). The Microsoft help site is quite useless. For a multi billion dollar company that should be a lot better at helping their “CUSTOMERS”, they might as well take the site down.


Any suggestions?


  1. Stop Using Internet explorer and the problem is solved

  2. Searching Google with that message gives loads of hits going back many years. There seem to be 2 common themes; 1) "Resetting IE" & 2) possible malware infections. The first I didn't pursue as I don't use IE, the second suggests that if you are trying to use Firefox you'll find it crashes. One would hope that a brand new (I assume?) PC would be clean, but have you installed any programmes to help get rid of the crap, and if so where did you get them from? Did it have any A/V installed to start with, and if so was it definitely working, and been allowed to fully update itself as soon as you first connected it to the internet? As far as I'm aware MS now supply their "Security Essentials" (or whatever it's now called) as standard, but I've known it fail to run when starting up the PC.

    There are several online A/V scanners available, but I don't think they will actually remove any bugs found. Malwarebytes do a special version of their software called "Chameleon" which I've downloaded - it's designed to help you install it on an infected system, if you can't get the normal version working. I can email it to you if you want.

  3. Linux is nice. Plus it doesn't support Microsoft or Apple. Bonus.

  4. Go to Internet Exploter settings, click the security tab and make sure 'Internet' is selected and not 'Trusted Sites' or 'Restricted Sites'.
    Also, on the same tab, make sure the 'Enable Protected Mode' check box is not ticked.

    (Off the top of my head, I think this will work, although admittedly it's really a guess. I recommend Firefox)

    1. That worked. Thanks Bucko.

      In fact thanks to you all.

  5. Firefox, firefox, firefox.


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