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Monday, 16 February 2015

Global cooling anyone?

The video below explains the perception of what "scientists" thought would happen to climate in the future. This dates back to the 1970's.

Of course now we know this is wrong, as we're all sweltering in heat waves every year.

Oh, and think of those cuddly polar bears that are dying out due to this pernicious warming.

I think I might be a "sceptic" of global warming, bearing in mind that global mean temperature has been flatlining for the last 18 years+.

But the gravy train of global warming keeps those poor scientists from starving to death.We must be greatful for that. (NOT)


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  2. If I'm right further warming was always extremely unlikely and if anything its global cooling that might cause us concerns (but perhaps in a few thousand years).

    Toward a new theory of ice ages

  3. It's almost as if latter day alarmists got the script and simply used Find-an-Replace to substitute 'Warming' for 'Cooling'

    1. Well they have to keep the money rolling in somehow.

  4. I've been pointing this out to people for years. The problem with all these climate predictions is they're exactly that, predictions, based on computer models. Remember the old IT geek motto? 'Shit in, Shit out'


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