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Saturday, 17 January 2015


So these so called renewables, such as wind, are going to supply us with our power for the future. just look at the picture below which is the output from one such wind farm at this minute. A paltry 3% of it’s rated capacity. And this is a cold day when power consumption is high.


or even worse the bird mincer array below. Hardly a standard to be proud of. Note that it is minus and therefore is drawing power from the national grid.


When are people going to wake up and realise they are being conned out of their money in allowing this wholesale theft in the name of the green religion?

Even the projected life of these eco crucifixes is in doubt. Supposedly with a life of twenty five years, some have failed in eight and some are actually falling down or catching fire.


wind turbine on fire

Likewise with that other green religion, solar panels. You know, those things that produce bugger all electricity for approximately 50% of the day.

When will people learn.




  1. I recently priced a container load of panels.
    60kw of panels for £25k
    2.4watts per £
    I remember it being 0.8w per £

    Sure, solar has its issues, but there is no comparison to bird choppers

    Expect the Greens to start banging on about how bad Solar Panels are and how polluting the process to make them is, just like they turned on hydro

  2. Wind farms are a big success in South Austrailia,

  3. above from name is Rickie not that number...nor is it Dickie

    1. Yes it is. Dickie Doubleday the so called champion of free speech who tried to take down blogs cos people disagreed with his twisted opinions.

    2. Careful Bane you are sounding like a "blog host" and not a troll.....I am not dickie doubleday.

      I thought you were claiming to take down

      I just give opinions..they aren't always wanted by freedom of speech followers and are taken down, even though they provide a platform for comments and agree with free speech.

      Bucko provides a platform for free speech, agrees wholeheartedly with free speech in response to "je suis charlie" and then won't allow my pro health opinions on smoking.

      Its all bollocks indeed.

    3. More likely Bucko won't allow your comments cos you talk so much shit.

      You are Dickie Doubleday and a lying fucker to boot.

      It is all bollocks when you say it.

  4. Replies
    1. Google:South Australia wind energy jumps to 43% in July, and Denmark "Wind power is officially the cheapest source of energy in Denmark, according to the nation's government—and by 2016, it claims the electricity whipped up by its newest turbines will be half the price of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas.

      That's good news for a nation that's hoping to get 50 percent of its power from wind turbines by 2050. Right now, the nation already boasts an impressive clean energy mix of 43 percent.


    2. So, what you mean is, taxes and subsidies distort the power market jacking up bills for the poor.
      What do residential users pay for a kwh of electricity?

    3. No what I mean by big success is the success wind farms are in other countries which is the opposite to filthy's green conspiracy which has failed yet they still rob and con us.

      50% power target by wind turbines in Denmark is far from a failed conspiracy although i expect one or two don't work or are falling down or a sparrow fucked one up.

      Prices don't matter cos that can change, the technology is proven.


  5. I heard two stories at the shooting club I go to. These guys say a lot of things so I can't vouch for how true they are.

    The first guy said his solar panels pay for his electricity and he also gets paid for the extra that goes into the grid. So free electricity. He also said they still work in heavy cloud cover. I know little about solar panels so don't know if that's true, but it sounds bollocks.

    He second guy said his mate can't sell his house with his solar panels because mortgage companies are reluctant to take on properties who have leased roof space for solar panels feeding into the grid. Again, I don't know if that's true or not.

    1. Both are.
      Panels work better in bright light, but they dont stop with a bit of cloud they do reduce though,
      He gets paid a subsidy for whatever they produce, and an extra for whatever they export.

      The second guy is right as well
      If you buy panels and have them installed, theres no problem.
      IUf you do a "free" deal, you sell the roof of your building to them for a fixed period.
      Im amazed its legal on houses with a mortgage, because you no longer own the house in its entirety.

    2. What people don't realise as well, is that even solar power plants need maintenance. Performance drops off drastically when they become dirty. So they need to be cleaned.
      The output from the panels is DC and has to be converted to AC through an inverter. These are not cheap when they fail. Expected life of an inverter is ten years if you're lucky.

    3. Absolutely, but Wind turbines are where they are and there are no improvements to come.

      Solar is still raging.

      What happens when its 10p a watt rather than 30p?
      1p a watt?

      The panels we stick on rough are 10% efficient, the ones we stick on satellites are 90%.

      A decade from now, just solar and hydro looks far fetched, but not ludicrous. Add in Gas central Heating with a heat engine, and 25 years from now?

  6. "But they don't stop with a bit of cloud, they do reduce though"

    Care to put some detail on that? O.K. I'll do it for you - I used a small panel to (try) and keep a battery charged. In summer it was fine, and the home-made charge regulator worked much of the time. HOWEVER, even on a July day, a typical cumulus cloud would reduce output by 30-40% Solid overcast would be more like 50% Now move forward to the middle of winter, and the usual overcast that I'm seeing out the window right now. In those situations, my digital meter showed (if I was lucky) 10% or less during the middle of the day. On many occasions the panel was effectively just a bird shit catcher - and a well aimed splat would knock out one series string of cells, further reducing the meagre output. If you don't believe me, just look at the UK Govt figures for solar production spread over the 4 quarters of the year.

    Put simply, in our climate they are a waste of time - we don't have large aircon loads during the middle of the day, and all they do is help to de-stabilise the grid. How many people realise that all grid-tied inverters have to disconnect if the frequency rises too high - this can happen when large farms are connected to local distribution systems which were never designed for bi-directional flows.

    There is no sign of any grid level storage medium on the horizon, and until (and if) such developments are made, solar panels in this country are a waste of time (unless you are in receipt of subsidies, of course). If you want to genuinely go "Off Grid", and install your own panels and turbines, along with substantial and expensive batteries, AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE, fine. Just don't expect me to be happy giving you loads of cash stolen from MY bills.,..

  7. Given that FE might appreciate it, I also find the attached interesting i

  8. Solar panels work twenty-four hours a day in Spain. So called sun farmers have hit on the brilliant (no pun) idea of buying old WWII searchlights off eBay to blast at the panels at night using economy rates. Or even buy diesel electric locomotives fueled by their discounted agricultural diesel. But that's Spain, where people are clever. Can you imagine a Brit doing that?


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