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Friday, 19 December 2014


‘Tis the time to be cheerful. Within limits, that is.


Take no notice of the limits. It’s Christmas.


  1. There are no limits to take notice of, nobody give a shite what you drink at anytime of the year.

    Although I expect your advice is aimed at those who believe in Puritan gestapo bogeymen so this cock eyed post would probably make sense to them.

    1. Rickiesworstnightmare20 December 2014 at 02:38

      And nobody gives a flying fuck what you think or expect either Rickie. You're just a wank stain in a cesspit, you have neither the intelligence or the bollocks to be any kind of gestapo so shut the fuck up, take Dioclese's cock out of your mouth and crawl back into your hole.

  2. Why don't you Rickiesworstnightmare just fucking......oh forget it.

    There is an online cult of which Filthy is a paid up loony that belives pucker-faced righteous indignation interfering puritan health bastards led by the Puritan queen Debs Arnot are ruining everyones enjoyment.

    Take my advice and get a bag of Pork Scratchings and enjoy the fantasy ....I do.


  3. @Rickiesworstnightmare Wow that's just OTT. Appologise immediately to all wank stains everywhere.


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