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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

They don’t muck around.

The Spanish navy that is……

The film is about how the Spanish navy weren’t going to put up with any shit from Greenpiss who were going to board an oil drilling ship.

The Spanish Defense Ministry has justified the actions of the country’s navy, which rammed into a Greenpeace boat, injuring activists. The ministry believes the Navy had no other choice as they were preventing an act of “piracy.”

The Navy “did what it had to do” to prevent the environmentalist group from committing a “crime of piracy,” the Defense Ministry told Europa Press on Monday.

And well done too. It might make them realise that they’re not all powerful, and can do what they want without consequences. They were warned.

The Navy argues the Greenpeace boats ignored several warnings urging them not to enter the so-called exclusion zone around the oil drilling ship, which extends for one maritime mile.


  1. which rammed into a Greenpeace boat, injuring activists.

    -- They should of sunk the b*st*rds and then sailed away, instead of leaving them off so easy.

  2. The French may have been termed 'Cheese-eating surrender monkeys', but they had the correct procedure for dealing with GreenPeas

  3. Bring back hanging for acts of piracy.

  4. Can't wait for the day these daft buggers get killed.

  5. A wonderful piece of evening entertainment. Thankyou

  6. Just an example of the dissonance prevalent in modern politics.

    One arm of the EU state, in this case the EU subsadised Greenpeace, having a little run in with another arm of the EU state, manifest in the Spanish navy.


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