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Thursday 21 August 2014

Rules is Rules.

Why do we fight wars against terrorists with rules that were written by civilised nations? I think we in the West should publically inform organisations such as Islamic State, that we want to play fair, so we will apply their rules.

I know that this must sound awful to some bleeding heart liberals, but why do we treat wounded prisoners of these organisations the same as our wounded. Just cut their throats and leave them to go to their 74 virgins. That’s what they tell us they want anyway.

We should also be questioning why other Islamic states in the region are keeping quiet over the current crisis. We should be asking them one direct question:

Do you support or abhor the actions of IS?

A simple yes or no will do.

If no, then ask them why they are not doing anything to stop this brutal killing of innocents.

If yes, then politely tell them that they are now the enemy and accept that they must share the consequences.

Maybe an ultimatum. Give them one week to assist in the destruction of IS or one of their Holy cities will be nuked.

(Bit extreme, but I really feel that we in the civilised nations are fighting with our hands behind our backs).


  1. How I'd love to see footage of a cruise missile arriving at that black stone in Mecca....

    1. Robert the Biker22 August 2014 at 06:21

      During the Haj too, might as well do the job properly!
      It astonishes me that the Israelis havent bulldozed that mosque on the temple mount, Jerusalem is nothing to do with islame after all; not mentioned once in the koran or hadith.

  2. The main difference is that IS follows the Arab method of ruling through strength and might. They obey the strongest and most ruthless person, knowing that any dissent may result in their death and the deaths of their family, friends, and acquaintances. The ruler will continue to do so until he is removed, usually by force from someone stronger or more ruthless, rarely through peaceful election. Their opponents, however, are governments which are subject to election every 4 or 5 years and as the main role of a politician is to be re-elected, their options are limited if they wish to remain in power. During the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland, it was said that their was a military solution to the defeat of the IRA and UDA terrorist organisations but any government authorising it would then have to have a general election which they would lose. Therefore, this 'solution' was not used, instead the government of the day capitulated to terrorists to obtain a form of peace - a bit like Danegeld. Unlike IS, the Western nations operate under a strict form of rules of engagement, which is why the British Army Sgt was court martialled and jailed for shooting a wounded terrorist, despite the fact that if the situation had been reversed, not only would the soldier have been killed, but he would have been tortured first and then his head displayed on a spike.
    Then there is the problem of IS being a predominant guerilla organisation away from the main battlefields. No one knows who is a member or supporter of IS apart from the fact they are Muslims. I served in the British Army in Malaya, Borneo, Aden and Northern Ireland, and for most of the time had no idea who was friend or enemy.
    So, do we kill all Muslims? Intern them in some shithole until they die out through inbreeding? Forcibly deport them all back to the Middle East and Pakistan?
    As we live in a (form of) elected democracy, the options are limited if we wish to retain our semblance of being civilised. Any ideas?

  3. New nuclear strength Cilit Bang. One bang and the scum is gone!...

  4. Neutron bombs are the way to go. Clears out the rats but leaves the buildings intact. VX nerve gas is also a good candidate.

  5. Where's Richard the Lionheart when we need him? Is his modern equivalent "Dick the Drone"?
    No more close combat, send in remotely-controlled bombs!

  6. "why do we treat wounded prisoners of these organisations the same as our wounded. Just cut their throats and leave them to go to their 74 virgins."

    A good question, and it deserves a good answer.

    We behave better than them because *we* *are* *better* *than* *them*.

    And *that* is something that we don't want to give up.

    If we sink to their level, we lose something of ourselves.

  7. "If we sink to their level, we lose something of ourselves."

    Yes. Probably an arm or a leg from a suicide bomber who would think nothing about killing you alongside your wife and family.

    The rules have changed.

  8. Their tactics are effective and reminiscent of the japanese in WW2 or even the Nazis in Russia in WW2.
    They went tthrough the opposition like a knife through butter.
    Will the effete west oppose them well . Maybe.


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