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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

If you’re a smoker…….

and you want to help a fellow smoker sue the Scottish government you might want to go HERE .

We have a warrior, a warrior with balls I might add, as Alan Auld from Aberdeen has decided that enough is enough and wants to challenge the legal system for he says that “the smoking ban has totally ruined his social life” and has set out to sue the Scottish government for the princely sum of £1,000,000. I applaud him.After all, we already know, from a Scottish MSP no less, that smoking bans had nothing to do with the health of bar workers or anyone else for that matter!

You might want to donate to his fighting fund. If nothing else it force the PTB to realise that there are a lot of people (20% of the population) that really hate them.


  1. To be honest, FE, there are a lot more people (IMHO) than 20% who hate the PTB. I haven't smoked in years - I fully support those who would like to, however - and I hate the bastards with a passion.

  2. God bless Alan Auld, a real smokerloonie gone bonkers, most of the loonies just get all daft and extreme on their blogs cos they are hiding and anonymous , not dear old Alan who goes cap in hand begging for moeny on an idea thats so bloody stupid its funny.

    Good old Simon Clark tries to let him down

    The clues are there Alan, none of the millions of smokers have ever done anything, the loonie bloggers blog in hiding,anonymous, living daily with the fear of being outed, only salary paid identifiable lobbyists speak for smokers.

    Nobody has ever done anyhting for smokers in the 7 years since the ban and it aint going to start now, there was once a meeting in a village (stony stratford) which dick puddlecote hosted.......yep you have guessed that aint his real name and he is still in hiding, unwilling to let the world know who he is, despite years of blogging daily on smoking issues.

    You are on your own Alan with no support from real people who are identifiable, and certainly fuck all money....but maybe an odd glowing tribute such as filthy has given you.

    Oh and one from me....good luck Alan a real smokers champion, god bless you.

  3. `Bugger off and bother someone else Rickie.

  4. I would have posted the above on Alan's website, unfortunately he won't allow comments or indeed questions about funding!!.

    I suppose Alan can't have it both ways, secrecy about funding and blocking awkward questions and an open thread for supporters to comment on.

    Running scared already and it aint even couldn't make it up.

    Wot you afraid of Alan???

  5. Maybe because of psychopathich wierdo stalkers, like....YOU, for instance?

  6. " Only £1 per month to be involved in Justice4Smokers"

    be fucking involved???, they won't even allow you a bloody comment.

    so much for freedoms, if you want to throw money at a smoking denial website that operates like that then go ahead.

    fools and their money are easily parted.

    Misty ( taking liberties) "Yep, I’d push an envelope full of used notes his way if I could find out how"

    Its the yellow donate button on the website love, the same yellow button begging bowl can be seen on a few denial websites , what is with smoking bloggers? they are trying to get your money by selling books or just free money cos they have blogged.

    7 years after the smoking ban and all we have got is bloggers in hiding begging for money, and fuck all else.

    Lobbying normally means someone getting off their arses and doing something, in the upside down world of smoking denial its all about secrecy and nobody doing anything to help smokers, at least with Alan Auld the silly fucker has made a childish attempt at something......the problem is of course secrecy and censorship and begging for money appears again with a middleman trying to get his cut too.

    You have got what you deserve smokers...fuck all!, the war has been lost , the new war is "vaping"...Dickie Puddlecote is bansturbating about it like a blogger possessed

    you have to larf.

    1. And YOU are doing WHAT exactly?

      Why do YOU not publish your REAL name, address and telephone number, "Rickie?"

    2. Captain Ranty knows all of that information. I'm sure he would be happy to impart it to anyone who asks.

  7. its old dickie doubleday again

  8. Captain Ranty or anyone else has my full approval to post my personal information anywhere they choose.

    I am not a tough talking freedom fighting blogger lobbyist hiding behind a daft name, they choose hiding and secrecy and censorship knowing full well lobbying is bound to fail when nobody is identifiable or is willing to do anything.

    The known smoking lobbyists are practically 2 people, beauty and the beast simon and angela, all the rest of the scared shitlesss keyboard warriors are in hiding.

    Take a look at Octabber blog, 31 pro smoke bloggers who will never put their full name to their blog...that should spell it out to anyone what a complete fucking joke the smoking denial sect is.

    This Alan Auld bollocks is another twist on secrecy and censorship .

    Real lobbying in the real world is fully acountable, fully open, no secrets, no daft names, real people doing real things......smoking lobbyists are cowards in hiding ducking and diving.

    My name is RICKIE, and no threarts will silence me...especially from cowards

  9. Who's hiding? My blog is open to anyone.

  10. For a start 31 bloggers on Octabber who will not connect their real names with their blog.

    There are thousands of groups, lobbying groups who are open and fully accountable take a look at :

    "standard poodle club", this is an obscure group who have nothing to hide , nothing to fear., completely open with goals, objectives, names, contact addresses, telephone numbers, the bloody lot.

    What do smokers have after 7 years.....absolutely fuck all!!, only a couple of salary paid lobbyists

    There are no objectives, agreements, manifesto's, the bloody lobbyists agree about the dangers of smoking wheras many bloggers will not accept the truth and are in denial.

    Forest and Simon Clark aren't speaking for most bloggers, the anonymous loonies in hiding don't agree with each other.

    A complete failure for smokers, just nasty trolling of health workers by coward bloggers who haven't the balls to be identified, join a reconisable group , who sing the same tune are open and accountable.

    Justice for smokers and no comments......just about sums up the bollocks.

    The smoking lobby amounts to fuck all, and the reason for the shambles is they want to stay in hiding and not be identifiable.

    Who's hiding?....who the fuck can be identified?

    Got wot you deserve smokers....nasty trolling of ASH or health workers by bloggers in hiding will not amount to anything, change anything and will ensure your silence over smoking issues will continue.

    Beauty and the beast, Simon and angela will not repeat the trolling on the media or spout denial, they agree with objectives of ASH want but just want it done a bit different.

    Fucking nonsense...what do smokers agree about?...who the fuck knows, who cares, who the fuck is anyone.

    Is there anyone out there willing to stand up and be identified and start the ball rolling and be open an accountable and have a crack at proper lobbying....surely there is someone who aint paid to speak or selling a book about smoking out of 15 million smokers.

    Poodle lovers know how to to it....lmao.


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