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Friday, 4 July 2014

Save a tiger.

In my last post, Ban it, ban it, I wrote about the abuse of telemarketing on the old and vulnerable.

I also have issues with the various charities that deluge the old and vulnerable with requests for small amounts of money (Why is it always £3?). Of course after they have donated they are then submitted to numerous telephone calls entreating them to up their subscription.

I myself subscribe to a few charities and I have informed them at length that I will cancel my subscriptions if I’m pestered in future.

If they’re that hard up for money then I suggest that they sack their call centre staff and sell the building they’re housed in.

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  1. I joined the Poppy Appeal Lottery thinking that ex servicemen are a good cause. I had to get very unpleasant to stop the phone calls intending me to up my donation.


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