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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Can this be true?


After protests from environmentalists, Gloucestershire Police are to stop using CS gas sprays on violent suspects and will carry a deodorant-style roll-on version instead. A leaked memo sent to area commanders gives details of how suspects must be told to get their hands up so trained officers can move in rapidly to apply the roll-on to one or both exposed armpits. Within seconds, the roll-on causes nausea, vomiting and streaming eyes while its sandalwood-and-musk scent creates a disabling degree of social embarrassment that can last several hours…………….

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  1. Unlikely to be true if it came from Newsbiscuit - but their twist on the news is often quite funny.

  2. Roll-on nerve gas - quite like it.

  3. What if the 'suspects' say "No"?
    And even counterattack.


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