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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Plain packaging


If you’re a smoker and are fed up to the back teeth with the war against smokers, then you need to take a stand against plain packaging.

I would bet my boots that our prime monster will incorporate plain packaging into the Queen’s speech in order to be “seen to be doing something” in order to distract the voters (and non voters, peace be upon you) from the drubbing that the conservatives received in the euro election.

Any smokers and non smokers for that matter, should hasten over to the Forest site and sign the letter which will be sent on your behalf, to David Cameron.

You can reach it HERE.


  1. Spot on Filthy, smokers sign the form, write a letter, and whilst you are fed up to the back teeth about Plain packs, don't forget you should be even more pissed of about E-cigs, and bloody minimum pricing on booze and sugar err fat, salt, chocolate , get writing smokerloonies the war on smoking has been lost, so why not get all fucked up daft about the next bit of health advice.

    It brings a smile to my face reading the anonymous

    I often wonder what would have happened to the smoking ban if lobbyists hadn't gone into hiding over the issues and stayed anonymous, maybe a proper campaign with potentially millions of members with a real plan of action , real objectives, real people with real names, and a properly agreed view on smoking issues...yeah that would have fucked it all up before it could get

    Too late now, the ban is cemented in throughout the got what you deserve by hiding petrified of being outed.



    1. Dear Rickie, The war has not been lost. UKIP is coming up and Social Democrats like David Cameron will be out.

  2. same with shooters

  3. They rule, they choose the battlefields, they win. Always and forever. I signed, it's a bit like voting, if you don't you have no right to complain. Do I complain? One more pint of Oakham Curmudgeon and complaining will become a habit. Ha ha hic!


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