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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I don’t exist.

As voter, in the eyes of the political parties.

Not one political party has approached my house, to my knowledge , since I moved into it 28 years ago. It’s not as if there is a sign at the end of the road saying “No entry to politicians”.

This time especially, there hasn’t been even one party political pamphlet through the letter box.

Why should we be expected to vote then?


  1. We've received propaganda sheets via Postman Pat.

    And stuffed inside the free-sheets delivered by the paper-boy/-gal

  2. I get the occasional propaganda piece but frankly I am visited by US Mormon missionaries more often. On the other hand, at least they are polite and clean, unlike the wretch that appeared last week...

  3. We have had plenty of leaflets, both to me and to the wife. Interestingly those sent to me by two of the main parties are larger and more informative* than the ones they sent to my wife. I wonder who decided on a sexist approach to election literature?

    Disclaimer: * the word 'informative should not be taken to mean that they contain trustworthy information.

  4. We're fucking inundated.

    Not that it makes any difference to our voting intentions...

  5. We had the two main suspects on the doorstep. Labour came mob handed and told me that they knew they could rely on my vote as my wife had told them so a while back. They looked quite hurt when I told them she was just trying to get rid of them!

    The conservative lady came round as though she was just passing and as she hadn't seen us for ages thought she would pop in. Different ploy still a waste of time...

  6. You should try compulsory voting like wre have in Australia. You get quite a wide choice of people you know nothing about - and dont care for anyway.

  7. The only one to vote for is the one who will campaign to have "None of the above" on every ballot paper


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