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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hot topic

Since I posted yesterday on the decision of one E cig company to decide to wage war against smokers, my site visits have gone through the roof.

It would seem that it has hit a raw nerve by both smokers and vapers alike.

Having been linked on a couple of vaping sites, it amazes me that they haven’t realised that they are one of the next targets on the Public health template of denormalisation.

Well vapers, you have been warned.

Along with Drinkers, Salt lovers, sugar lovers, and those that like a nice juicy steak.

So I would say to vapers. Join forces and fight this pernicious taking away of your freedom to live a happy and fruitful life. Otherwise they’ll grind you down into nothing more than proles of the big state.

I’d have added some links but I’m expecting a skype call from a smoker in the caribbean. (No connection to the post, incidentally)


  1. Vapers? All a foreign language to me.

  2. It's not just the pros - check out the e-petitions site and do a search on 'ban'. Then do the same to mumsnet. Between them, you'll be able to figure out what the next target will be.

    It's a children thing.

  3. Interesting post from Matt Ridley about e-cigarettes

    1. Profits and power trump harm reduction.

  4. Tobacco is a plant indigenous to the New World. I reckon tobacco, and to a lesser extent, coca(1), will eventually kill enough Europeans to even the score vis–à–vis the number of American Aboriginals killed by the white man through the imposition of civilisation from AD 1492 onwards.
    And then there's chocolate from cacao, also of New World origin. Wonder how many die from it?

    (1) Coca - cocaine. Also indigenous to the New World.


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