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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Troll baiting

I’ve just been having great fun with a Troll on Spiked who is a greenie that hates fracking. Of course he links to blogs such as Desmogblog (I’m not going to link to that moronic site. For your own good), and spouts complete utter garbage.

Must get back.


He posts under the nom de plume of “HopeForpeaceNow


  1. Its great fun playing with eco greenies. I have fun trolling them on Twitter. They're so easy to wind up. You can tell when that's happening when the spelling and grammar go to pot.

  2. I follow your tweets and have to chuckle the way you wind them up. I visualise them frothing at the mouth. Keep it up. Please.

  3. I shall keep that image in my mind next time I troll them. ;-)

  4. SBML.The spelling and grammar does indeed deteriorate as they get puffed-up and agitated.Keep up the good work-you have potential.

  5. Thank you anon, I've found my calling in life. ;-)


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