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Friday, 17 January 2014

A must read.

As a former seafarer I wish this book had come out sooner.

How to Avoid Huge ships.

The customer reviews show how this book has saved countless lives and stopped children from having nightmares about the subject. After all, we do need to always think of the children. Don’t we?


  1. 'Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed':

    ....The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories

    (not about gay horses btw)

    Kicks off on p6.


    1. Having waded thro' the customer reviews of FE's suggestion, I progressed to your recommendation.


      Review 1 of it begins:- "So I'm a big opponent of all things heteronormative, and so it was nice to finally find some literature that featured horses partaking in a different lifestyle (not that it's a choice, mind you, I just liked that they admitted some lady horses probably liked other lady horses)......." I'll leave other readers to discover the remainder.

  2. Jamie the rocks comments lol still giggling now thanks


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