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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Winter fuel allowance.

Shortly I expect to receive my winter fuel allowance from the government.
You might ask why I should expect to receive this, bearing in mind that I receive a good company pension, substantial savings, no mortgage, and no debts?

Because I'm worth it.

It's about time that the state gave me something back for a change. After all, I never voted for extensive subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels that have seen my energy bills double in the last decade.

I have paid over and above of my fair share of tax. It's about time I should get some of my tax back.

After all I have helped nearly two generations of the feckless, live happily sucking on the taxpayer's teat.

Just saying.


  1. Is it not the duty of the elderly to quietly expire and leave any posessions they have to deserving youf?
    You sound suspiciously like you have a sense of entitlement - for shame.

  2. And BoyGeorge was salivating at the prospect of reducing WFA based upon the Met Office telling him Global Warming would lead to less need for heating. ;-)


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